This year, Under Armour has played a huge role in a number of professional sports. From providing Steph Curry with sneakers during his NBA Finals run to hooking Jordan Spieth up with gear during his impressive golf season, UA has been everywhere. But this fall, they'll continue to make their biggest mark on the football field, thanks to their deals with players like Cam Newton, Tom Brady, and, most recently, Tony Romo.

To commemorate the impact UA has made over the last 20 years, Champs Sports just put together a definitive timeline of all the important moments in UA's rise in the world of football. From the early days of the company when founder Kevin Plank made T-shirts and sold them out of his SUV to the more recent years that have seen UA pop up all over the college and pro football field, it shows how the brand has grown to be bigger than ever. Go here to see it.

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[via Champs Sports]