I'm not a fan of Guinness World Records.

While some of the items recorded are in fact interesting, the folks there mostly seems to chronicle oddly specific feats, many of which are extremely random in nature. 

Like the throwing of a washing machine, for example.

Now, I'm guessing that the amount of people reading this who (a) are strong enough to throw a washing machine, and (b) would ever consider trying even if they were capable of doing so, is hovering somewhere around zero. But these people are out there, and one of them was both willing and able, so the Cincinnati Reds had him out to the ballpark to show the world his stuff.

Lithuania's Zydrunas Savickas tossed a washing machine 13"6.6' in Italy once, which was a distance that stood unbeaten until now. That would probably explain Sean McCarthy raising the American flag in triumph once the previous record was crushed.

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[via FOX Sports]