Before Kobe even joined The Big Podcast to talk with him, Shaq made one thing perfectly clear: He does not hate his former teammate. In fact, he says that he still runs into Kobe and his wife Vanessa from time and time and refers to himself as "Uncle Shaq" when speaking with Kobe's kids.

"People think it's a full-blown hatred," Shaq said on the podcast. "It's never gotten to that. That's what people don't understand…I've said this many times. If I see him with his lovely wife and his kids, it's, 'Hey, Kobe, what's up? Hi, little babies, I'm Uncle Shaq. Hi, Vanessa, how you doing?'…The people who don't really know what went on, they think it's a full blown 'If we see each other, we're going to fight.' This right here was a workplace beef."

Shaq then addressed Kobe directly when he joined the podcast and told him that he doesn't harbor any ill will towards him.

"Right now is the time to clear the air," he said. "I have said many times that we were the most enigmatic, controversial, most talked about, dominant one-two punch. I just want people to know that I don't hate you."