Whenever an NBA player's name and the word "Molly" end up in the same sentence, it's usually not good news (right, Mike Scott?). Steve Nash is the very rare exception.

Apparently, Nash has a fascination with the legal ecstasy that took hold of the city of Dallas back in the early 1980s. Prior to it becoming illegal in 1985, Molly was a frequent guest at parties, nightclubs, and other events. And because of his close connection to Dallas—he spent six season playing for the Mavericks—Nash has agreed to serve as the executive producer for a new film that will focus in on the stranglehold that Molly had on the city back when it was still acceptable to use it.

"Having played in Dallas for six years, I was drawn to this project for its relationship with the city," Nash told Variety. "After poring over the material, I found an incredibly unique story with so many vibrant characters and a bold history known as the origin to the rave scene ecstasy culture. Its footprints are now all over the world."

Steve Nash, a Molly scholar. Who would have guessed?! The film is still in its very early stages. More details to come soon.

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[via Variety]

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