There are a lot of games that Steph Curry probably has circled on his schedule next season. Opening night against the Pelicans on October 27. At the Rockets a few nights later on October 30. Home against the Cavaliers on Christmas Day. But the game that he's got circled and circled and circled again (in Sharpie!) is the Warriors' matchup against the Kings on November 7. That's because his brother Seth Curry is now running with Sacramento—and Steph can't wait to light him up.



During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show yesterday, Steph was asked if he would have any problem with hanging 50 on his little brother during a game. His response?

"Not at all," he said. "There's already a group text message going on in our family for the first time that we play each other…We're probably going to have 50, 60 family members try to come out to the game. It's gonna be a lot of fun, but I'm already talking trash. I think we're going to win by double digits, and I hope to have a couple one-on-one scenarios with Seth."

Steph went on to say that his parents aren't going to mind watching their sons go at it. Check out the 7:20 mark of the video above to hear Steph talk about it. Where's the (brotherly) love?!

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