Shaquille O'Neal Says There's Absolutely No Way Anthony Davis Could Guard Him: "Too Little for Me"

Shaq refers to Anthony Davis as "barbecue chicken."

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There are a lot of NBA players who struggle to deal with retirement. They don't know what to do once they hang up their sneakers for good. Shaquille O'Neal isn't one of those guys. During a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, he was asked if he ever wishes he were still playing in the league and he said, "Never."

The WSJ then asked him if there are any current players that he would want to play against.

"No, I'd beat 'em all," he said. "I'd beat 'em all up."

So then, the WSJ tried to throw Anthony Davis' name out there, just to see if Shaq was serious. And as it turns out, he is. He really doesn't have any interest in playing against any of today's NBA players.

"Too little for me," he said, while speaking about Davis. "That's barbecue chicken down there."

Ha. Elsewhere, Shaq talked about the league going soft, his favorite player in the NBA right now (Hint: Shaq says he "looks like a baby"), and his all-time Big 3 (you already know who his top choice is, right?). Check out the video above to hear him break it down.

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