Those who grew up in the '80s and '90s remember seeing the TV show Full House. The intro for the show—with its corny theme song and all—showed the steep hill streets of San Francisco. The Tanner family gave viewers a lot of life lessons with really campy music in its soundtrack and laugh-tracks recorded after the corny jokes in the characters' dialogue.

Now that the show recently announced it has been green-lit for a reboot on Netflix, the defending world champion San Francisco Giants decided to pay homage to the TV show by recreating the theme song in Candlestick Park. The Giants released their version of the Full House intro by renaming it "Full Clubhouse" and included plenty of cheesy smiles from the team's players and managers.

Dave Coulier also makes a cameo at the end and does his signature "cut it out" hand gesture. Check out the video here:

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[via The Big Lead]