Russell Wilson is dating Ciara. So even though Ciara's former fiancé Future might not like it, the Seahawks quarterback is going to be spending time with Ciara and Future's son Future Zahir. He's even going to—gasp—hug him from time to time because, well, he seems like a pretty decent guy.

The problem, of course, is that because Future has let it be known that he doesn't appreciate Ciara bringing Wilson around their son, everyone is going to freak the $&^% out whenever Wilson is pictured with little Future. So when we saw this picture of Wilson giving the young boy a hug on Twitter yesterday...

...and then this photo...

...we knew what was coming next!

Almost immediately, people started tagging Future in tweets along with the photos, just to make sure he saw them. Here are just a few examples of that taking place:

It seems Future did eventually see the photos, too, because late last night, he sent out this series of tweets that appeared to address the situation. Or at least, some Internet-related situation that had him upset:

And where does that leave us? Well, Future apparently still isn't happy about Wilson spending time with his child. But it also seems like Wilson isn't super concerned about Future's feelings, considering he has responded to all the Twitter activity over the last 24 hours with his usual morning Bible verses:

So Future's mentions are probably going to continue to be flooded with these kinds of pictures for as long as Wilson and Ciara are a couple.

Are you guys trying to turn this into a bad situation or...? Please just stop.

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