Russell Wilson and Ciara have been dating since earlier this year, and there's no one who hates it more than Future. Specifically, Future seems to have a big problem with Wilson hanging around his son—and he has been very vocal about how he doesn't want the Seahawks quarterback to have a relationship with the child. According to Ciara, Future even refused to speak with Wilson when she tried to arrange a phone call between the two recently.

It sounds like there might be someone else who's not a big fan of the Russell Wilson/Ciara romance, either. Earlier this week, Baller Alert caught Wilson's ex-wife Ashton Meem—who was married to him from 2012 through 2014—liking one of Future's Instagram photos from 15 weeks ago and posted evidence of it on their Instagram page:

This is the photo in question, which is now filled with comments about Meem liking it:

And that's not all Meem did. A short time after liking Future's photo, Meem also reportedly started following the entire Hot 97 Ebro in the Morning staff on Instagram, which has led some people to believe that she might be thinking about doing an interview at some point in the near future:

Basically, this looks like it has the potential to get really messy really quickly. Meem's Twitter and Instagram pages are both private, but keep an eye out for what might happen next. Who knew Russell Wilson and Ciara's love life would turn into such a soap opera?!

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[via Baller Alert]