Russell Wilson has responded to the controversy surrounding his Recovery Water quotes on Twitter:

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Like a lot of pro athletes today, Russell Wilson recently invested in a beverage that he believes will prove to be beneficial to other athletes. It's called Reliant Recovery Water, and it costs $3 a bottle. It includes nanobubbles, electrolytes, and a bunch of other stuff that's supposed to help your body recover from workouts and injuries. And according to Wilson, the stuff is so good that it even helped him recover quickly from what appeared to be a head injury concussion last season.

During the NFC Championship Game back in January, the Seahawks quarterback took a hard hit from Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. It looked bad, and Wilson very well may have suffered a concussion on the play, even though he wasn't removed from the game after it happened.

But in a new Rolling Stone feature, Wilson said that his "Recovery Water" was able to heal him within just 24 hours.

"I banged my head during the Packers game in the playoffs," he said, "and the next day I was fine. It was the water."

Wilson went on to say that he doesn't have any "real medical proof" that the water helped. But that's still a pretty lofty statement to just throw out there. Outside of the fact that the water probably didn't do anything to help Wilson heal, he also basically just admitted that he had some kind of head injury during the Packers game that went untreated during the contest. Not exactly a great look for the Seahawks medical staff or the NFL as a whole.

You can read the entire Rolling Stone feature here. There's lots of Ciara in it as well as lots of weird quotes from Wilson.

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