It's a long way from headlining SportsCenter, selling nearly a million pay-per-views, and arguing with Floyd Mayweather over who makes more per second, but everybody's got to start somewhere, Ronda Rousey is no exception.

Thanks to those who upload grainy videos (and the people at Reddit who brought this up) we can all relive her amateur debut, a fight where she dispatched foe Hayden Munoz in a matter of 21 seconds (only 13 seconds less than it took her to take out Bethe Correia, who was getting paid for it).

This fight went down on August 6, 2010, when Rousey was a part of Combat Fight League's Ground Zero. Five days later this footage was posted, along with this line in the description:

"Don't blink and make sure to follow this girl. She's for real."

Got to say, as someone who has to sift through many a stupid internet video, it's nice to see at least something on YouTube accurately described for once.

[via Reddit, YouTube]

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