It's always good to believe in yourself, but not to the point where you've reached straight up delusion. Robert Griffin III stepped over that fine line yesterday when he said "I feel like I'm the best quarterback in the league." That example of self-confidence was quickly rejected and rightfully mocked.

Today he doubled down on that comment by saying “I don’t apologize for what I said." He also decried articles that use his name/comments in headlines (...):

"It's unfortunate that my name keeps getting used for headlines for people to click on stories."

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Griffin's reaffirmation is that it comes just hours after the Redskins reportedly shut down RG3's non-gameday media access. He was not supposed to talk to reporters today, and was only allowed to do so after he convinced Redskins PR to let him talk. Anyway, in just under a month Griffin will get a chance to back his words when the team opens the season against the Dolphins. A couple of slip-ups in that contest and he can undoubtedly expect these comments to come up again.

[via Pro Football Talk]

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