What's the dumbest thing you've ever done during a night of drinking? Whatever it was, it probably wasn't quite as stupid as what world-class Polish hammer thrower Pawel Fajdek did on Sunday night (at least, we hope not...).

Over the weekend, Fajdek won the gold medal at the World Championships in Beijing, which is obviously a really big deal in the hammer throwing world. After doing it, he went out to have a few drinks and, apparently, a few drinks turned into a few too many. He then proceeded to climb into a cab to head back to his hotel and, when he did, he decided to use his gold medal to pay for his cab ride. The driver gladly accepted it, too, and when Fajdek woke up the next day he realized that—gasp—his medal was gone.

Fortunately, this drinking story had a happy ending as Fajdek didn't end up losing the medal. He called the police, and they were able to help him track it down. But can you imagine the grief his teammates would have given him if he didn't get it back? We imagine drinking with a gold medal around your neck must be awesome, but next time, he should probably leave it at home.

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