Being one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL has its perks. The first one is obviously money. Lots and lots of money. The second one is the respect of other great players around the league. And the third is apparently that, when you walk out to your mailbox every day, you never know when an autographed Michael Jordan jersey is going to unexpectedly show up at your door.

That's what Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson discovered earlier this week when he walked out of his home in Arizona and found a box that contained a signed MJ jersey. And the jersey wasn't just signed. It was also personally addressed to Peterson and included an inscription that read, "STAY STRONG."

For what it's worth, Peterson does have somewhat of a relationship with MJ. He told that he met the NBA great at a golf tournament two years ago and that MJ referred to him as "P Squared" the first time they talked. But still, it has to feel pretty amazing when the mailman shows up at your house with a signed MJ jersey addressed to you.

Did you get one, Richard Sherman? And if not, can you really call yourself the best CB in the league?

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