Most wealthy businessmen have a benchmark price that piques their interest to negotiate business deals with them.  If you want to talk business with Michael Jordan, you had better have at least $10 million for you to even have him at "Hello."

In the current lawsuit against the Chicago supermarket chain that used Jordan's likeness to sell their own brand of steaks, Jordan's adviser Estee Portnoy revealed in a testimony that His Airness has a ten million-dollar baseline for business deals.

Here's what Portnoy had to say about Jordan's benchmark:

"Jordan protects his brand's value by selling his image rights and endorsements as a 'bundled" package — not for a single use — and he won't do business with anyone unless the deal will ultimately be worth at least $10 million. He only deals with businesses that are 'authentic' to him and 'add value to his brand.'"

It must be nice to be a part of the Billionaire Boy's Club. Let's all be honest and authentic to ourselves by wishfully admitting, "if I could be like Mike."

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[via CBS Sports]