Marvin the Martian has been trying relentlessly to destroy Earth for the past two millennia. Armed to the teeth with some of the most advanced alien weaponry (including his ACME Disintegrating pistol), his spaceship (The Martian Maggot), and the keen ability to travel time, Marvin has proved to be a formidable foe for earthlings—but, so far, his efforts for intergalactic domination have been to no avail. So, despite his ill intentions, you have to admire the type of determination it takes to stick with a plan, no matter how many times it blows up in your face.

Over the years, Marvin has graced us with his presence countless times. In 1993, realizing that Michael Jordan and his Air Jordans were a threat to supremacy, he took it a step too far by attempting to defeat MJ and steal the world’s supply of his sneakers. That didn’t turn out too well for the little guy. Now, he’s back, with his eyes set on yet another elite basketball player Blake Griffin.

With MJ now retired, and Blake Griffin stepping in as the premiere high-flying baller on the planet, Marvin the Martian has issued a challenge to Blake in the form of a dunk contest. He’s currently scouring the globe, going from one AAU event to another, in search of Blake. The epic matchup is set for August 5—when Marvin will return to Earth to go toe-to-toe on the hardwood against Blake. If Marvin wins, Earth, as we know it, will be obliterated. If Blake prevails, Marvin will be sent packing back to Mars. What Marvin has failed to realize, however, is that Blake will be deploying his secret weapon for the dunk to end all dunks: the FlightSpeed-enabled Jordan Super.Fly 4s.

Despite his small stature and cartoon body, Marvin’s intelligence and ruthlessness should prove to be a formidable challenge for Blake. As the anticipation for the matchup continues to build, we take a moment to break down each guy’s skill set. This is Marvin vs. Blake: An Illustrated Guide to the Matchup of the Ages.

Illustration by Sean Mack