Lil Wayne appeared on ESPN First Take today, and he may or may not have been high AF during his segment. As he talked about the Packers, Deflategate, and other topics with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, more than a few people noticed the way he was behaving and called him out for being under the influence of something on the show:

And uhhhhhh, can you blame them? Here's Wayne discussing why he believes Tom Brady was a participant in the Deflategate scandal:

We aren't here to accuse Wayne of anything, but we do have to point out that he made one of the worst arguments in First Take history (and there have been a lot of them) when he was asked whether or not he thinks Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are going to make the NBA Playoffs next season. The only answer to that question is "No," but Wayne proceeded to break down why he thinks they might have a chance to make the postseason if they just try really, really, REALLY hard to do it.

It's an argument that probably sounded wayyyyyyy better in Wayne's head. And it led to him taking it a step further. A few moments later, Wayne was again asked about the Lakers' playoff chances, and this time, he didn't hesitate to say that he thinks they're going to the postseason:

It was all the proof that Twitter needed to go in on him:

High or not, we do have to admit that Lil Wayne sounded crazy here. This is the NBA, Wayne! You need to do more than just try hard to win championships. You can listen to his delusional argument in the clip above.

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