Remember the time Lil B tried out for the Santa Cruz Warriors, the Warriors' D-League team? Of course you do! Seriously, how could you forget this clip of him doing an interview at the tryout? Epic.

He didn't end up making the team, but now it seems The Based God is going to give his basketball career another go. Earlier today, the 76ers' D-League team, the Delaware 87ers, took to Twitter to invite Lil B to an open tryout next month. It will require him to make a trip all the way to New Castle, Del. to try out for the team:

But apparently, that isn't going to stop Lil B from trying out. Almost immediately, he responded to the 87ers and told them that he plans on attending the tryout:

He also retweeted this, just to show how seriously he's going to take it:

This is going to be fun.

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