Phillies bench coach Larry Bowa completely lost it Tuesday night, and went out in a blaze of F-bombs and physical threats after being ejected in the seventh inning of his team's loss to the Mets.

The whole thing started when Phillies outfielder Jeff Francoeur jumped out of the dugout to protest what he viewed as his teammate being quick-pitched. The umpire waived off the pitch anyway, and then walked over to tell Francoeur to sit down. 

That didn't go over well with Bowa, who immediately got into the ump's face. F-bombs ensued, and Bowa was ejected. Before leaving, however, he threatened the Mets' Daniel Murphy over a perceived bat-flipping incident, saying "That's bullshit flipping your bat. You’re gonna get hit, too.”

Seeing Bowa freak out like this over one of baseball's unwritten rules may help to explain why the Phillies have the worst record in baseball this season.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]