D'Angelo Russell was born in 1996, so he couldn't be more than 10 when Tracy McGradyVince Carter, and Allen Iverson were at their peak. Regardless, when he called McGrady the GOAT, he violated the No. 1 Kobe Bryant Law: Never use a basketball-related superlative in a sentence without the words "Kobe," "Bryant," "Black," or "Mamba"—or some combination of the four. Thus, Russell shall be smote by Kobe's hand before he turns 21. Damn shame.

Or maybe not. Bryant just tweeted him. It's all good.

😴 https://t.co/Bntj1e5PsY

— Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) August 15, 2015

@kobebryant lol my bad he was nice though

— D'Angelo Russell (@Dloading) August 15, 2015

Ha! All luv lil bro lets shock da world this season #history https://t.co/IByKOGwFxn

— Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) August 15, 2015

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[via Kobe Bryant]