Jon Stewart just turned heel at SummerSlam, taking out John Cena w chair.

— Jimmy Traina (@JimmyTraina) August 24, 2015

Former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart and Seth Rollins have been exchanging comedic verbal jabs all year, but in SummerSlam's main event, Stewart teamed up with Rollins to help him take home the title belt.

Rollins was struggling to take down John Cena when Stewart, who was hosting the event, came running in to the ring to help stun Cena with a chair. With Cena dazed, Rollins picked him and hit him with a Pedigree to bring on sweet, sweet victory. Ringside announcer Michael Cole summed up the events perfectly with this quote:

"Jon Stewart just went from Daily Show host to SummerSlam criminal."

Stewart, who looked like a madman having the time of his life up in the ring, calmly walked out backstage after the craziness like nothing had even happened. 

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[Via @WWEUniverse