Jon Stewart will be ending an incredible 16-year run as host of The Daily Show this week, one that has been filled with memorable moments of comedy and award-winning interviews.

But once upon a time, Stewart was forging a very different path as a pretty good college soccer player.

Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer penned a nice retrospective of Stewart's playing days, which included an interview with Al Albert, who was his former head coach. 

"He was a very feisty sort of a winger, not the kind of player you would put in the middle to dictate play, but he could take people on," Albert said. "He was fast, quick, strong, a strong player. We played with wingers. That was his spot. He wasn't a forward. He wasn't a midfielder, he was a winger."

Be sure to check out the entire piece, and in the meantime, here's Stewart giving a tribute to Albert for winning an NSCAA award a few years back.

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