The truth hurts, but when you're able to admit it to yourself, the blow is always a little less severe. 

A year after being vocally unhappy about being cut from Team USA ahead of the FIBA World Cup, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall is once again resigned to the fact that he'll miss out on the final roster to play in the 2016 Summer Olympics. This time, though, he seems ok with it.

Wall, who was just in Las Vegas for mini-camp competing with Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook and Mike Conley Jr. for what most assume will be three point guard spots, knows he doesn't quite have the resume yet to match up with the guys ahead of him. 

"Chris Paul has already won one (Olympic gold medal)," Wall told CSN Washington. "Steph Curry had an amazing last year and just won the World Cup. Kyrie just won the World Cup. Russell will probably be on the team. They’ll use him as a two-guard. So, I probably won’t make it."

Wall's not wrong, though he went on to say how much of a "good look" being invited to participate in mini-camp was. For Wall, he probably feels like it's deepening the chip he's had on his shoulder his entire career running the show in Washington. Fortunately, Wall is young and should have plenty more chances to put "USA" across his chest in the future, especially if he continues to push the Wiz on their current upward trajectory. 

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[Via CSN Washington]