Joel Embiid Might Not Be Ready for the Beginning of the 2016-17 Season

The Sixers' hearts broke again when it was revealed that Joel Embiid will likely miss the entirety of next season because of that ailing right foot. So the Embiid Experience has to wait another year.

Make that another year and maybe a few more weeks. The Sixers reportedly think that the No. 3 draft pick may not be ready by the beginning of the 2016-17 season. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the organization has its doubts.

"He may not even return for the start of the season," said Keith Pompey​ in the report. "He may miss a couple of games, but that's their goal. Right now, the Sixers believe he's going to be their long-term superstar. At least, that's what they still hope."

This could be the Sixers being cautious with their "long-term superstar." But another delay is slightly unnerving. Embiid hasn't played an NBA game yet. There's some whispers of another potential Greg Oden here.

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[via Philadelphia Inquirer]

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