In football, defensive linemen don't get to touch the ball too often. Therefore, it's easy to assume that they very seldom have to practice catching the pigskin.

But you had best believe the contrary when it comes to three-time Pro Bowler and 2014 NFL MVP runner-up J.J. Watt. All three passes that he caught during the 2014 season were converted to touchdowns.

And the Houston Texans franchise player continued to show off his impressive hand-eye coordination in training camp, standing about 20 feet from a jug machine as it passed him footballs. He caught these breakneck-speed passes to him like he's a superhero—with only one hand. You get the point already, so just check out how Watt insanely catches these four football pitches in a row as if they were tennis balls:

Now that he's got that down, maybe he can work on his Nae Nae skills a bit more?

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[via Bleacher Report]