This isn't the first time an NFL player has had an issue with fantasy football. And it surely won't be the last. Earlier today, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Jeremy Maclin got on Twitter to vent his frustration towards the ever-growing hobby, saying, "It amazes me how 'Fantasy Football' is the only football that some of you know. It's sad. News flash for yall: I don't give a damn about ur "Fantasy" football team. #ChiefsKingdom" 

Maclin's comment struck a chord with ESPN Fantasy Football analyst Matthew Berry, who responded by agreeing with his remark but also taking an issue with the perceived attack on the fantasy football community. 

Berry went on to point out how fantasy football helps the league, in terms of garnering further interest and additional revenue.  

The "multi-millionaire" portion of Berry's response didn't sit well with Maclin who fired back

@MatthewBerryTMR you of all ppl should know what my tweet is about what a team achieves. You taking it way too far talking about my salary etc.

The back-and-forth, debating a real football fan vs. a "fantasy football fan," continued for a little while longer.

@MatthewBerryTMR once again you better than this....I'm not insulting anybody who roots for players. I'm frown upon those who will sacrifice a team victory for a fantasy victory...enjoy ur day sir

Maclin does point out a weird dynamic in fantasy football where someone can be a Chiefs fan but face the person who has Jamaal Charles on their team. All of a sudden, they're rooting for Alex Smith or Maclin or Travis Kelce to go off in the game, instead of Charles. It's a difficult concept to explain, let alone understand, but hey, it happens. 

However, if someone is put in that position, it's a situation that comes along, like twice, maybe three times in a season. The rest of the time, they're that diehard KC fans through and through. Both guys made valid points. And like Maclin said, all parties involved should just let it go and "enjoy your day." 

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