Jay Z is well-versed in the act of being petty. Every now and then, the Jiggaman will follow one random person. Last April, it was Joe Budden (those two have a history together). As of right now, he's not following anybody, or he's somehow hidden who he follows. Anyway, he does have one favorite, and a it's a Daily News tweet about the failed Carlos Gomez Mets trade.

We don't know exactly why Jay faved the tweet, but it wouldn't surprise us if Jay was being a petty Yankees fan and enjoying the fact that the trade didn't go through. Although it could also just mean he was looking forward to Gomez returning to the Big Apple. If you remember, Gomez was traded by the Mets during the 2008 offseason for Twins ace Johan Santana.

He definitely faved that tweet while sipping wine and wearing his trusted durag.