Jason Pierre-Paul Tweets About Amputated Finger for the First Time and Makes a Joke

The good news about the Giants in 2015 is that you have the Victor Cruz/Odell Beckham Jr. duo to look forward to. However, what's to become of Jason Pierre-Paul? Although sources close to him say he expects to return this year, he's yet to return to the Giants after severely injuring himself on July 4. 

But at least he still has a sense of humor and is a man of God. The defensive end tweeted his first comments about his amputated finger on Sunday. First, he put things into perspective:

What happened to me was not a set back. God has greater plans for me. No man can judge me accepted God himself.

— iamjasonpierrepaul (@UDWJPP) August 23, 2015

Cool, but yikes. His first tweets about his injury has a typo in it. Not cool, JPP. Surely this warrants an apology

My bad except lost a finger LOL.

— iamjasonpierrepaul (@UDWJPP) August 23, 2015

OK. Everything's good then. At least JPP seems to be in good spirits even with that cloud of uncertainty hanging over him.

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[via Jason Pierre-Paul]

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