Being a 76ers fan isn't easy. Your team stinks. Your GM cares more about stockpiling draft picks than picking up wins. And apparently, your highly touted rookie Jahlil Okafor hates kids!

Er, OK. So he doesn't actually hate them. But when it comes to playing basketball against them, he's not against swatting their shots into the stands. The third pick in the 2015 NBA Draft appeared at the Sixers' Beach Bash earlier today and, when one young fan tried to shoot a J over him, he sent the kid's shot into last week. Watch here:

Not to worry, though, Sixers fans. Okafor did redeem himself a short time later when he picked a little girl up and helped her throw down a dunk:

Awww...That's almost enough to make us forget about how much he hurt that other poor kid's feelings.

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[via Bleacher Report]