Randy Moss won't close the door on returning to football pic.twitter.com/yIflkOmlE9

— Jonathan Jones (@jjones9) August 24, 2015

Randy Moss has been working as an NFL analyst for Fox ever since he retired from the NFL following the 2012 season, but has been dropping hints ever since that he missed the game dominated for so long.

Whether it was Moss stating that he'd come out of retirement to play with Peyton Manning or telling a radio host in 2013 that he could still score "15 or 16" touchdowns if he was still playing, it's clear the lore of the gridiron is still pulling at Moss's strings. 

Ahead of the Tennessee Titans-St. Louis Rams preseason game that was nationally televised on Fox Sunday night, Moss, who was part of the pregame coverage, sounded like a man who has his mind made up to get back on the horse. In the video above, Moss looks like a kid who just opened his Xbox 360 on Christmas morning when he starts talking about a potential return to football. And don't forget, Moss spent the offseason training guys like Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon and Terrelle Pryor out in North Carolina, and they all mentioned the incredible shape that Moss has kept himself in.

Could we see Moss sign with a team before the 2015 NFL season kicks off next month? Like the man said himself, we'll just have to wait and see.

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[Via @jjones9]