Hulk Hogan is working hard to redeem himself in the public eye.

The wrestling icon has a huge burden to push past from the damning revelation of his racist and homophobic remarks in an Internet-leaked video earlier this summer, and currently in the midst of a $100-million lawsuit for a sex tape with his former best friend Bubba "The Love Sponge" Clem's wife  that was posted on Gawker in 2012. Much to his chagrin, it's fair to say that the Internet has not been the Hulkster's best friend as of late.

So instead, Hogan is taking his side of the story on television and in print for all to see him bare his soul about these incidents. Last week, he did a series of interviews to talk exclusively with Good Morning America, Nightline, and People magazine in attempt to defend his claim that he is not a racist. The GMA interview is set to run on Monday.

Hogan  tweeted this to thank the aforementioned media outlets for giving him their platform to speak:

Hulkmania won't be running wild anytime soon, but it will be having him run his mouth in a much more tame fashion to restore his credibility to the public.

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