There's a draft to the sequel of Dante's Inferno that predicts that a Ronda Rousey will be the 10th gate of hell. The dominance at Rousey's hands is usually seconds long. And that's the best case scenario (unless you're Miesha Tate, the only person to make it past the first round against her).

Holly Holm is Rousey's next opponent. Unlike Bethe Correia, who learned the hard way that shit-talking doesn't work, Holm has made it known she's aware what Rousey is capable of. Holm not only is undefeated in MMA competition, but she also has a 33-2-3 boxing record behind of her. She's never faced a Rousey though.

"She's got a well-rounded game. I'm not going in there thinking, 'oh I only have to worry about, you know, grappling.' I do know she has knockout power so I don't feel like you guys are going to see what you've seen before with her," Holm said to Inside MMA. "I fear everything about her. Standup, ground, clinch, all that. And I feel like that's the way you need to be with any fighter."

Key quote: "I fear everything about her." This is not only sensible because of the caliber of her opponent. Sensible wisdom says you never underestimate your enemy. Holm isn't training only to lose to Rousey in November.

"Everybody's beatable," Holm said. "Is it going to be hard as heck? Absolutely. It's going to be the hardest fight of my career. I have to absolutely do everything right from the beginning to the end of the fight."

Rousey is just a human at the end of the day, right?

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