It would be really easy to make fun of the fact that Greg Oden—the guy who was selected in the 2007 NBA Draft ahead of Kevin Durant—is now playing in China. But after all that Oden has been through both on and off the basketball court, it's actually kind of nice to see that he can still play the game of basketball, albeit against much weaker talent in China as a member of some Chinese team that you won't remember once you click out of this post.

We wouldn't look too deep into this video and start yelling "GREG ODEN BACK!" just yet. But at the very least, he's: A) Not sitting on a bench, which has been a familiar sight here in the States, and B) Not playing at a rec center against a bunch of guys who just got off work. So…progress! We just wish he was doing this stuff against guys we've actually heard of.

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[via Busted Coverage]