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Floyd. Floyd. Floyd. Stop lying, man. You know who Ronda Rousey is at this point. 

Look, we gave you a pass when you referred to Ronda as a "he" more than a year ago. But, after she beat you in the Best Fighter category at this year's ESPYs and called you out in her acceptance speech on the red carpet, then further cemented her legacy by destroying her opponent Bethe Correia one month later in only 34 seconds because as the UFC pointed out, #SheDontNeed12Rounds, you had to take notice.

Hell, at this point, the better question is, who doesn't know who Ronda Rousey is? Apparently, the answer is Floyd Mayweather.

During a recent media session to promote his upcoming fight with Andre Berto, Mayweather was once again asked about arguably the greatest female fighter of all time and he once again pulled the "I don't know who Rousey is" card.


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