Are Kobe Bryant's rookie teammates trying to piss him off right now?

Earlier this summer, much was made about the now-infamous "rapist" tweet that Larry Nance Jr. sent out about Kobe on Twitter back in 2012. Nance Jr. apologized to Kobe after the Lakers selected him in the 2015 NBA Draft, and Kobe accepted the apology. But now, another young Lakers player has sent out a tweet that probably won't sit well with the Black Mamba.

Lakers lottery pick D'Angelo Russell jumped on Twitter yesterday to offer up his opinion on the ongoing NBA G.O.A.T. discussion. But he didn't pick Michael Jordan, LeBron James, or Kobe as his G.O.A.T. candidate. Instead, he suggested that Tracy McGrady (!) might have been the greatest player of all time:

It's an interesting pick, and at least one of Russell's fellow rookies agreed with his assessment. Nets rookie Chris McCullough chimed in with this:

But uhhhhhhh…you do know you're going to be playing alongside Kobe next season, right, D'Angelo? It's why so many NBA fans responded to your tweet with stuff like this:

@Dloading the GOAT is on ur team. Go to practice

— . (@TresTres_33) August 14, 2015

"@Dloading: Honestly Tracy McGrady might have been the GOAT!"

— Fly guy ryyyyyyy (@flyguy_ryy1) August 14, 2015

@Dloading how can you say that when you're Kobe's teammate?? #suicidal

— Jordan Mathias (@jammathias) August 14, 2015

Let's hope your judgement is better on the court, bud. RT @Dloading: Honestly Tracy McGrady might have been the GOAT!

— Heywood Jablomie (@HoodCertified) August 14, 2015

RT @Dloading: Honestly Tracy McGrady might have been the GOAT!

— Daman Rangoola (@damanr) August 13, 2015

To his credit, Russell did call Kobe "my Michael Jordan" earlier this week. But he might want to go ahead and start drafting up an apology to Kobe now.

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