Last night, the Eagles traded cornerback Brandon Boykin to the Steelers for a conditional fifth-round draft pick. On his way out the door as he headed across the state, Boykin lobbed a parting shot/accusation against his former Head Coach Chip Kelly in a text message. That message was tweeted out this morning by Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia's Derrick Gunn:

In addition to that he added "but you guys have heard this before me," which is definitely a reference to LeSean McCoy's comments after being traded to the Bills. McCoy had said back in May that Kelly “got rid of all the good players. Especially all the good black players.”

Furthermore, defensive assistant and former Eagles star Tra Thomas also said that the perception amongst players on the team was that there was a "hint of racism” in Kelly's personnel moves.

Kelly was/currently is talking to the media as the team begins their first official practice of the 2015 season. When asked about the accusations Kelly admitted that he's unsure why they "keep coming up":

...but that the accusations do bug him:

Anyway, if you're a Philly fan, this has got to sound like an excellent way to kick off camp.


Either Boykin's comments were misinterpreted, or he's simply walking them back (your call), because the cornerback said his problems with Chip centered around him feeling ignored:

"When you're a player, you want to be able to relate to your coach off the field. There were times he just didn't talk to people. ... I'm not saying he's a racist in any way."

[via CSN Philly/Twitter/ESPN]

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