We only have one question for Renaud Lefort, the batter for Quebecois softball team Les 4 Chevaliers: "How?"

What else can you say after watching a home run like this, where Lefort is swinging backwards and still manages to knock it out of the park. The hand-eye coordination; the focus; the ability to not rip some muscle in the process of this carnivalesque maneuver: It's all pretty impressive. 

Les 4 Chevalier is an "Équipe de fastpitch humoristique style Harlem Globetrotters, mais avec des vrais adversaires," which translates roughly to, "A humorous fast-pitch team [with] Harlem Globetrotters style, but with true adversaries." They weren't playing the Washington Generals. This was a real competition.

So, more important than the swing, this play was also a real three-run homer for Lefort's team. Top that, Mike Trout. 

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