Geno Smith is having a tough week. He got punched in the face by his now-former teammate IK Enemkpali on Tuesday, broke his jaw, and is now going to have to miss most of the first half of the 2015-16 NFL season. But he should look on the bright side: At least none of his teammates threw a microwave at him!

During an appearance on ESPN Radio yesterday, former NFL player Bill Romanowski—who attacked a teammate during a 2003 practice so viciously that he ended his career—revealed that, once upon a time, he got into an off-the-field altercation with his former 49ers teammate Dexter Carter. Romanowski didn't appreciate Carter putting a sandwich into a microwave when he was trying to use it, words were exchanged, and eventually, Romanowski picked up the microwave and chucked it at Carter. No one was injured, but still…HE THREW A MICROWAVE AT HIS TEAMMATE!

The only thing crazier than the story itself is the way Romanowski told it. He began by talking about how he was never involved in a fight with a teammate off the field. But then, he suddenly remembered that—oh yeah!—he once hurled a large appliance in a teammate's direction and went from there.

"I got in a lot of fights out on the field in training camp, but I never…" he started. "Well, I take that back. I got in one in our lunchroom with Dexter Carter. But it was a quick one and nobody got hurt. I just threw a microwave at him."

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you start a story! Listen to the whole thing in the clip above.

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