Anybody who's been following the Knicks for more than a decade know star players tend to play weaker when they're acquired by the blue-and-orange (Tracy McGrady, Steve Francis, Metta World Peace). That exact opposite happened tonight in baseball.

Mike Fiers got traded from Milwaukee to the Astros last month. In his third start for his new team, Fiers fucked around and got a no-hitter. The 30-year-old had to push past his limits for this one;  Fiers pitched a complete game for the first time career, and he beat his previous career high with 134 pitches. He had 10 strikeouts, and he did it against the Dodgers' batting lineup. Astros took the game 3-0.

For those who literally watch nothing but Astros games, this is the first no-hitter since Darryl Kile's in 1993. For everyone else, this is the fifth no-hitter this season

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[via Eye on Baseball]