In the past, we have spotted several dads holding babies and young children and snagging foul balls at MLB games, and we have actually applauded them for doing it (see here and here). It's not easy to balance a child in one arm while catching a baseball in the other. But the move that the Angels fan in the clip above pulled last night was just stupid.

When the dad realized that there was a baseball on the other side of a railing just sitting there for the taking, he decided that he was going to try and pick it up. Problem is, he didn't put his young daughter down when he did it, so he very nearly ended up tumbling over the railing with his daughter in his arms. In fact, we don't know how he managed to not flip over the railing and, while it would have been a short fall, there's still a chance that both him and his daughter could have been injured.

Fortunately, the man was able to pull himself back up without falling. But in the end, he didn't even land the baseball! A security guard ran over, picked it up, and gave it to someone else. So this was all for nothing. C'mon, dad.

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[via For The Win]