Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is a four time Pro Bowler and widely considered to be one of the best DBs in the NFL. Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper is a rookie trying to build chemistry with second year quarterback Derek Carr during the preseason. Peterson should have the upper hand in a one-on-one matchup, right?

Maybe not. It's just one play, and it's the preseason, when all players are working on perfecting their technique, but Cooper made Peterson look downright silly on a second quarter comeback route during the two teams' "dress rehearsal" preseason game. Cooper's footwork is so crisp that he makes Peterson slip as he comes out his break before catching the ball and speeding up field.

What can you take from this? If Cooper is putting moves like this on top tier NFL cornerbacks in his third NFL start, we can only imagine what's to come. 

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[Via Charles Robinson]