Here's a piece of advice: You really shouldn't wear racist T-shirts out in public or anywhere for that matter. But you especially shouldn't wear them if you take care of kids, coach kids, or do anything with the word "kids" in it. Even if it's "just a joke."

An Alabama youth cheerleading coach named Brian McCracken found that out the hard way recently after he and his friend Brian McDowell showed up at a practice for the Boaz youth cheerleading team wearing a couple of racist shirts. One wore a shirt with the words "The Original Boys in the Hood" on it along with a drawing of a KKK member and a burning cross, while the other wore a shirt with the words "White Pride" on it. And—SURPRISE!—some people, including McCracken's fellow coach Kayleigh Tipton, were offended by it. She complained and eventually McCracken was forced to resign, even though he said that the shirts were supposed to be a joke. His wife Melynnda, who also worked for the team, resigned as well.

To make matters even worse, Tipton was also asked to leave the team, and she believes it's because she complained about the shirt. But her husband Cody Tipton told WAFF that she did what had to be done for the couple's child, who is biracial.

"It's hard for a biracial child that is 4 or 5 to understand what racism is," he said. "It just outrages me and a lot of other parents but no one will stand up to it because of the consequences their children will get."

Good for the Tiptons for doing it. What the hell were these two guys thinking?!

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[via Uproxx]