LeBron James is becoming a growing obsession amongst NFL players. Being still arguably the best basketball player on the planet, it's understandable to think of the 4-time NBA MVP and two-time world champion as the pinnacle of excellence. So, he's the current default for comparisons to the best in any sport or industry.

Earlier this month, Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles claimed that he is the "LeBron James of the NFL." In a preseason game today, Adrian Peterson was asked by a sideline reporter who he compares himself to. His answer: LeBron James. Adrian explained his rebuttal to Jamaal's claim here in this clip:


And with Cam Newton who's been in on the "LeBron" party since 2013 amongst these NFL stars, LeBron must feel like he's the new version of "Tiger Woods" from his first 1997 Nike commercial. Need a reference point for how these NFL players are acting like children by claiming they are LeBron, check the ad here:


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[via The Big Lead]