What’s the most addicted you’ve got to Football Manager? Have you played all the way into the future that Sterling and Depay have retired and there’s a whole new set of wonderkids? That ain’t nothing on this guy. Reddit user Lorf_Yimzo has simulated the entire next millennium of football seasons. Yes, ran the game a thousand years into the future. He didn’t actually play them, just let them run, but that still took 58 days to do. And the stats from that 1,000 seasons are incredible.

Sheffield United have won the Premier League the most, with an amazing 168 championships.

Arsenal, Burnley, Barnsley, Southend and Rotherham all won the title over 50 times, but Chelsea only won it once.

Man United won the league 33 times, just ahead of Man City on 27. Liverpool were champions just 16 times, Tottenham only managed 5 titles. Current day records that still stand included Man United’s 9-0 victory over Ipswich in 1995 being the biggest ever Premier League win, and no one getting more than Dimitar Berbatov’s five goals in one game against Blackburn in 2010.

A Champions League game between Red Bull Salzburg and Red Star had over half a million people there.


The record transfer was $127 million, paid by Coventry to secure the services of a guy called Jermey Lannoy from Bordeaux in 2044, who probably hasn’t even been born yet. Burnley also have the biggest stadium in England.

You can pour over all the stats on Reddit.

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