Last weekend, Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was involved in a fireworks-related accident that resulted in a serious hand injury. As a result of it, he had to have his right index finger amputated a few days later. It shouldn't impact his NFL career too much—he also suffered a fractured thumb during the incident, which will actually play more of a role this season—but it does mean he's going to need to go through the rest of his life with a hand that only has four fingers on it.

Earlier this afternoon, New York Post writer Bart Hubbuch revealed what JPP's hand looks like right now. He doesn't have an actual photo of it. But according to doctors he spoke with, it'll look something like this because of the kind of amputation that he had done:

Before you say anything: Yes, we know that that photo shows a white hand (75 percent of the responses to Hubbuch's tweet point out that his photo features a white hand, the other 25 percent include references to The Simpsons). But aside from that, this should give you a good idea of what JPP is working with now.

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