Uncle Luke reps Miami all day, every day. Just take a look at the Instagram photo above. He's wearing a Heat hat and throwing up the 305! What's more MIA than that?

So when the rapper/entertainer/avid Heat fan heard about David West's decision to sign with the Spurs for the veteran's minimum yesterday—which will require him to take a pay cut of more than $10 million next season—Uncle Luke was livid. It seems he would have preferred to see West head in another direction and take his talents to South Beach. So he took to Twitter to voice his frustrations.

Uncle Luke started things off by saying that West "must be on medication" for accepting a $1.5 million deal when he had better offers on the table:

He then got off topic for a second by wondering whether or not Meek Mill's album has dropped yet:

(It has, Luke. Read our review here.)

And then, Uncle Luke really lost it (maybe he found the Meek album and pressed play on it?). He ripped West, Gregg Popovich, the Spurs, and West's agent for allowing the $1.5 million deal. Here's his entire Twitter rant:

What's with all the rappers going at NBA players this week? First, Vince Staples calling Chris Paul out and now this. Who knew NBA free agency would cause these kinds of crazy reactions?

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[via Black Sports Online]

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