Well this could be awkward.

Ty Lawson, who recently checked himself in to rehab for alcohol after being arrested last week for his second DUI in six months, was traded from the Denver Nuggets to the Houston Rockets on Saturday night along with a 2017 second-round pick, according to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowksi. Denver will receive Kostas Papanikolaou, Pablo Prigioni, Joey Dorsey, Nick Johnson and a protected 2016 first-round draft pick in exchange. 

So Houston gets an offensive upgrade at the point guard spot, though Lawson may need to smooth things out with the Rockets franchise player before he and James Harden can coexist on the court. Ahead of the 2014-2015 NBA season, Lawson took to Twitter to take some shots Harden's penchant for boredom on the defensive side of the ball. 

Dallas cowboys defensive coordinator pic.twitter.com/whTfVu2H4K

— Ty Lawson (@TyLawson3) September 7, 2014

He tweeted the above, insinuating Harden was the defensive coordinator for the 2014 Dallas Cowboys who, at the time, were atrocious on defense. After getting some backlash from Rockets fans, Lawson didn't really apologize as much as he dismissed those in his mentions, telling them to get out of their feelings.

It's all jokes y'all take things wayyyyyyy too serious

— Ty Lawson (@TyLawson3) September 7, 2014

I'm a go back to enjoying my life .. Y'all have fun being in your feelings

— Ty Lawson (@TyLawson3) September 7, 2014

Lawson went on Sirius XM a few days later to try and cover his tracks, saying he was actually just trying to take a shot at the Cowboys because, as a Washington Redskins fan, he'd had Cowboys fans in his mentions all day, and didn't realize people would perceive it as a slight at Harden. Right. 

So while this is nowhere near as bad as the whole Larry Nance Jr.-Kobe Bryant situation, it's just another example of an NBA player tweeting out something that he probably should've kept to himself. Now Lawson's got to play with the guy he used to make fun of. As the kids say, the tweets is watching. And Lawson has yet to delete the tweets. Be careful out there, athletes.

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