If you're looking to watch a world class athlete like Steve Nash dominate at the top of his game, you won't be seeing it. That ship has sailed completely sunken due to a bad back. You should've been paying attention back around 2009.

If you're looking for world class soccer then tune in this afternoon, because it sounds like there will be a game going on.

But if you have an interest in either Nash or soccer and don't give a shit about the quality of play, then you should know that Nash has been training to play pro footie with the National Premier Soccer League's New York Cosmos B Team. Today that squad faces off against the Rhode Island Reds in Uniondale, N.Y. in what should (but probably won't) be an equally hyped appetizer for the Women's World Cup Final. According to the New York Daily News, the 41-year-old former NBA MVP could jump into today's game. A mere appearance will already give the Cosmos a greater return on their investment than the Lakers got from Nash last season.

In case you weren't aware, Nash has been a soccer fan his entire life, hosts an annual game for charity, and claims he could've played professionally had he focused on it (it seems that if he gets in today that that, at least in some small way, should count).

Oh, plus he did this back in the 2005 Dunk Contest:

[via New York Daily News]

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