Is the Deflategate scandal ever going to end? We hope so. But for the time being, Roger Goodell still hasn't decided whether or not to uphold the four-game suspension that the NFL handed to Tom Brady in light of their Deflategate investigation, so the scandal rages on.

The latest interesting tidbit to emerge from it comes to us courtesy of Stephen A. Smith. On ESPN First Take this morning, SAS said that he's hearing the NFL is going to uphold the suspension:

He also suggested that Brady may have destroyed his cell phone during the Deflategate investigation to prevent attorney Ted Wells from using it against him:

This sounds scandalous. But realistically, it's 2015, and if Wells wanted to get text messages or anything else off Brady's phone, he could do it regardless of whether or not Brady destroyed it. So this probably isn't the hugest deal in the world, even though it would make Brady look really bad if it turned out to be true.

Now back to waiting for a verdict in the never-ending Deflategate saga...

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[via Black Sports Online]