The Kansas City Royals are 61-38 right now and looking like they might be headed back to the World Series this season. So at the moment, there are lots and lots of reporters covering them. Just one problem: Many of those reporters have no idea what the Royals players are talking about during their post-game interviews, because they have apparently started trying to work the numbers "1738" into all of them. Just watch the clip above.

And why are they doing this? Well, according to The Kansas City Star reporter Andy McCullough, it's because several players on the Royals are big Fetty Wap fans. So they have made it mandatory for everyone on the team to shout out Fetty's crew, which, of course, goes by the name Remy Boyz 1738.

Here's McCullough's full breakdown of the situation, which is pretty amazing in and of itself:

How can you not pull for the Royals now?

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